The following list includes improvements or fixes that enhance existing features and procedures.


Error message for projects update

There is a new error message that is displayed when a user tries to update a project and does not have the required authorization.

Empty dates are not shown in Document templates

When Bizagi generates a Document Template and receives a date that has a null value, it will not be shown in the final output.

Bizagi Sites Improvements

Now the language you select in Bizagi Sites also applies to the language used in your Work Portal.

Adobe Flash removal

Bizagi has updated the Graphical Analysis, which was the last feature to rely on Flash, to a newer technology.

Summary forms improvement for Live Processes

When you configure a Summary form in Live Processes, this form is displayed when you don’t have any pending activities for the current case and inside the Summary tab of the Details view.

Security Improvements

Before the 11.2.4 R2 update, a Connection string could be retrieved from the expressions containing CHelper.getParameterValue and CHelper.getKey. This behavior has now been restricted, instead displaying a message that states, “The requested value cannot be retrieved for security reasons.”

Stakeholders synchronization

To speed-up the mapping of users to stakeholder definitions, you can define conditions to automatically map them in bulk. The synchronization process is done using the Management Console.

Warning when mapping the root node of a Document Template

Now, a warning message appears when the user tries to map a parameter to the root node of a Document Template.

Operation Icons update

In the Work Portal, the operation icons shown in the administration tab in the history of a case have been updated:

Authentication cookie security improvement

The authentication cookies of the Bizagi Work Portal now have by default the sameSite property defined as STRICT. This prevents cross-site security attacks.

Scheduler fine-tuning parameters

The default values of the Scheduler fine tuning parameters are updated so the performance of the Scheduler is increased for projects with high demand for asynchronous and bot activities execution.

Changing attribute length validations

After you change the length of an attribute, for example, string attributes, Bizagi warns users if you can lose values due to the length changes. It also validates if there are existing values when the entity is managed in the development environment.

Dynamic Rules Tracer URL connection improvement

Now you can change the URL of the DRT so you can use another URLs of your development environment, for example, when you use HTTPS.

Bots configuration

From this version onwards, bots are exclusively configured in bot tasks. Bots from previous versions that are configured in other type of tasks or in gates, can still be executed. However, if you want to edit one of these bots, you must first delete the task where it was configured and create a new bot task. For more information on this configuration, refer to the following link.


There was an error on the context used for filtering controls in User forms. The context is now fixed for both types of filters: scripting and graphical filter.

Customers upgrading from version 11.2.3, whose filters are not working correctly, need to re-open the filter and fix the XPath used so the filter is correctly formed.