The following list includes improvements or fixes that enhance existing features and procedures.


Update Integration elements to use the proxy configuration

As there is a new proxy configuration available in Bizagi Studio and the Management Console Web (MCW), all HTTP based integration options must use the proxy configuration: Connectors Service, ECM integration, SOA & REST interfaces, etc.

CORS Improvement

The Access-Control-Allow-Origin header response is removed and is only sent when a CORS trusted domain is configured in Bizagi Studio.

Register operations to the log disabled by default

The option Register operations to the log, for Application, Master, Parameter and Stakeholder entities is now DISABLED by default when an entity is created. If a user wants to enable the log, they have to do it manually for each entity.

Filter option in Attributes types

When creating a new attribute, a filter option is displayed in the Attribute Type selection, to ease finding related attributes or default types.

Add new languages to a multilingual site

The configuration of multilingual sites has been improved. Now, it is possible to add more than one language directly from the Summary step of the wizard.

Sites System updates

A new System updates option has been added to the Sites dashboard’s actions to synchronize adjustments made to themes and resource files that are in Cloud.  When the site version is updated, an alert icon appears next to the option’s name, indicating that the system updates must be launched. Nevertheless, the updates can be executed at any time.

Sites Global Form

The View Global Form button has been removed, and the Global Form is now displayed at the end of case tasks. In controls like My cases, the form is shown for complete or canceled cases in the Context Form tab.