New features

Email integration

Users are be able to approve/reject requests from an email in Outlook or their mail client of choice. Users receive an email with a pre-configured template created in Bizagi Studio. Users can take action from the email and click on any of the buttons included in the email. Bizagi will then process and complete the task, moving the process forward.

Mobile app redesign

Be even more productive on the go with the all-new version of our mobile app. With a great modern look we’re confident you’ll find our re-engineered mobile app even easier and more enjoyable to use.

Automatic testing

Resource kit designed to test Bizagi processes automatically in Development and Testing environments. The Automatic (Auto) Testing tool executes without human intervention any previously recorded scenarios. It validates that the outcome of those scenarios and the process flow/path followed are correct. This greatly reduces the time and resources required to validate that processes are performing well after changes/enhancements have been introduced. This otherwise manual activity is very time consuming in BPM projects.

WebLogic 12c support

Bizagi now supports Weblogic 12c.

WebSphere 8.5 support

Bizagi now supports WebSphere Application Server


Process Path for Activities

Bizagi now displays the process path, including: process application, process name and current activity name. This function gives the end user permanent visibility of the activity and process in which he/she is currently working on.

Exclusive checkboxes in Tables

You can now set a column of a table containing checkboxes to automatically control the selection of single records. If one checkbox is selected and the user clicks on another one, the previous one will be automatically unselected.

Export tables to Excel using Excel types

Exporting tables to Excel has been improved to allow data associated with a Bizagi table to be exported to the corresponding Excel data type. This way users can handle information without the need for tedious transformations.

Cache parameters to optimize searches on virtual entities

By setting a global cache timeout and instance timeout cache for virtual entities (when using the Data Virtualization feature in Bizagi), you may optimize connections to the external data source so that no queries are run if information has not changed since the last query.
Supported now for processes running in a JEE or .NET platform.

LDAP Import configuration for each environment

Importing users from the LDAP server can be now configured separately for each environment and use different settings for your production environment.

Grouped tables spacing

Grouped tables have been visually enhanced to occupy just the space they need.

Define number of cases shown searching for cases in Admin option

You can now define the number of cases you want to display per page whilst searching for cases in the Admin option.
Additionally you can search for a user’s full name or username.

WS-Security for integrated Web services

Configure the security type to be used by Bizagi when invoking integrated Web services, so that you may define: Plain header token or Basic HTTP Authentication.

Unicode support in Oracle 11g

General improvements and adjustments to support Unicode character sets of Oracle 11g databases.

Quick setup template for JBoss EAP

By relying on the origins file provided by Bizagi, you may configure your JBoss server in a faster way (applies for a standalone service).

Bug fixes

  • Now, when you abort a case that is related to other cases with the same Creation number (parent process, sibling processes or child processes), all cases will be aborted. A warning message will display to inform other cases will be aborted as well.
  • Boolean type columns were being shown with 1 and 0 values instead of true or false.
  • An error that prevented advancing multiple sub-processes using exclusively automatic activities has been corrected.
  • In graphic queries, the list of assignees to a task was not always correct.
  • A performance issue in user’s administration has been resolved.
  • An error allowing to generate cycles between users and its delegates has been corrected.
  • An issue with graphic queries that prevented multiple sub-processes instance navigation has been corrected.
  • In Query forms, column names, different from the ones defined in the forms, were being displayed.
  • An error preventing the detail list to be displayed in the activities log has been fixed.
  • In the re-assignation query all Timer events were being listed.
  • An error presented when consulting the summary forms of a case with sub-processes, and these were sharing their rad number with its parent process was fixed.
  • When invoking a Query form, the parameter that returns all users was not being sent, causing a filtered search by the logged user.
  • Exporting to Excel in Tables with hidden controls was not working.
  • Some actions over a grouped Table were causing an infinite loop.
  • The image in User Preferences had no control over the file extension.
  • When editing a counter from Reports – Sensors, an error was being displayed and the changes were not saved.
  • The calendar was not moving between months in QueryForms. Month selection has been fixed in Chrome browser.
  • An error was being displayed when viewing the Entity log of an aborted case.
  • The migrated Query forms was not presenting the total value of the records founded.
  • Parameter entity’s customized form (Display) was not being ordered by column.
  • When managing parameter entities, the modified values were being stored in Cache, even with a displayed error.
  • The information of the parent Form was not being stored before opening a Form Link.
  • In QueryForms, date filter was not being executed correctly.
  • In Date-time fields, time was being displayed twice.
  • A required validation message was being shown whether into a red message or inside a pop up.
  • Creating user groups is now available from production.
  • An error when saving queries with single quotation marks in the name was fixed.
  • XML format was corrected, as a result of QueryCases.
  • Multi-organization has been enabled in mobiles when creating new cases.
  • An issue related to inline editable Combo Controls within a table column has been fixed.
  • The Inbox was not being shown when assigning a task after opened.
  • Some buttons within a table were not executing rules.
  • Interface consumption with NTLM security configuration has been fixed.
  • An issue related to decimal format when exporting data to EXCEL has been fixed.
  • The list of processes was not being shown complete when creating a user dimension.
  • A case link security issue has been resolved.An issue expiring activities unexpectedly has been fixed.
  • A performance issue related to SharePoint document uploading has been fixed.Changes in roles/skills were not being logged.
  • Sometimes when consulting a case with active security, all fields were being shown empty.
  • Sometimes links in Detail Forms were not working correctly.A .dll file was duplicated in DEV environment.
  • A format issue was raising an exception, preventing activities to continue.
  • Notifications with “Copy to current assignee” were not copying correctly.
  • Me.Context was not working correctly in Summary Forms.
  • Graphic Analysis was including only the first 20 registries of the result.
  • A visual bug when setting Booleans in personalized columns of sub-processes has been fixed.
  • An issue evaluating filters of JSD when migrating from version 9 has been fixed.
  • A log related issue with Windows Mixed Authentication caused Bizagi to skip showing the IP of the connected users.
  • An isolated issue was preventing some users to abort a cases.
  • In some cases, sorting activities by due date resulted in an incomplete list of activities.
  • An issue was preventing users to find cases within their Inbox during asynchronous tasks execution.
  • An error displaying the Activity Log when more than one page was loaded has been fixed.
  • A security issue related to asynchronous tasks when a user could see non-related cases through Group by Activity Tab has been fixed.
  • When filtering within task report analysis, a “No data available” error was being raised even with valid tasks.
  • When exporting to EXCEL, the mime type was missing within the message header.
  • An issue when filtering with Boolean dimensions was causing errors.
  • After saving a report from Resource Monitor with a dimension filter, the saved information was only partially filtered.
  • If a QueryForm query was from version 9th, a loading window was popping up and staying indefinitely when executed.
  • When exporting to EXCEL with migrated queries, Bizagi was not checking if the value is not null.
  • The Date-Time columns had no format when exporting to EXCEL with migrated queries.
  • QueryForms were returning wrong data due to an issue with Oracle databases when using non-migrated queries.
  • Sometimes the Workitem was being allocated to all users due to the object recovered from cache when processing +1000 cases at once.
  • A typo has been corrected in success messages.
  • An option to “include ECM configuration” in Advanced Deployment has been added, to avoid ECM parameters being overwritten by deployment.
  • Some visual errors were being shown when renders exceeded column width within a table.
  • An issue when saving Traces configuration within MC, not being saved, has been fixed.
  • An issue preventing users to effectively validate delete rules over tables has been fixed.
  • When setting a date within a template, an issue was causing the date to be displayed incorrectly with the long date format selected.
  • The XML used as a result of QueryCases execution was incorrect, leading to an incorrect format.
  • Sometimes when a Form Link was not editable, it did not respond to user interaction.
  • Date-picker control was not working properly.
  • When pressing multiple times Add Value to a table, more than one window was being launched.
  • The allocation load for non-migrated forms has been fixed.
  • An issue clearing unsaved data within a table when selecting a form link of the same table has been fixed.
  • In some cases, Form Buttons with NEXT behaviour were not continuing with the path, showing the “Unable to process the case. No valid transitions to go from task ” error.
  • Query results were not containing delegated cases.
  • Bizagi Management Console was not loading details when showing tasks with custom columns.