New features

Maximize popups

New user property in the Work Portal that allows end users to configure individually whether all modal dialogs are displayed maximized or not.

Constant vocabulary administration

The management of constant vocabularies has been enabled in JEE projects, from Work portal.


  • The selection area of the Grid buttons has been incremented.
  • Methods from Bizagi Web services can also receive XML as input.


  • Virtualization is now supported.
  • Clusters for JBoss and WebSphere are now supported.


  • Errors related with the upload and image controls have been fixed.
  • Problems with white spaces in RTL languages have been fixed.
  • Problems with constants when mapping REST services have been fixed.
  • For JBoss, the configuration to validate the pool connection to the database has been added.
  • The message for suspended and closed cases is now localized.
  • The error message when case security is private has been added for global and summary forms.
  • Users can be enabled or disabled in order to manage the number of active users.
  • The usage of \n in REST responses when rendering forms is now available.
  • When consuming an external service, some values related to parametric entities were not set. This issue has been fixed.
  • Queries over CEntityManger using Replicated and Virtualized entities have been adjusted.
  • Dates in document templates are now displayed using the user’s default pattern of global culture.
  • The starDate calculation in job creation has been fixed.
  • The case information is always displayed when the case is completed.
  • The headers when exporting to excel are now localized in Queries.
  • A validation message is now displayed when an infinite or non-numeric value is added to a numeric XPath.
  • Closed cases are also displayed when listing favorite cases.
  • When using WorkFlowEngineSOA to search cases, all the users are now displayed regardless of their creator.
  • Decimals are now formatted according to the server’s locale.
  • The supported length for expressions has been fixed.
  • Support for MAC validation for Linux and Solaris OS has been added.
  • The Run Now functionality has been improved.
  • Problems with Email Integration have been fixed.
  • Problems related to set zero in passwordMaxLength have been fixed.
  • Formats for CaseCreation and CaseSolution columns have been fixed.
  • The localized for Email Integrations has been adjusted.
  • Problems related with the connection to ECM systems using Weblogic have been fixed.
  • Recent process does not show duplicated processes.
  • Aborted processes do not send notifications.
  • All the assignees have been included in the recipients lists.
  • Problems related with the execution of migrated interfaces have been fixed.
  • Only the managed cases are displayed in the admin cases menu.
  • Exception handling has been fixed for migrated interfaces.
  • No duplicated values are displayed in query forms.
  • Encryption mode has been updated to match .NET version.
  • The use of bizagi-extended properties to customize CaseLinks has been enabled.
  • Problems when using more than one grid in Email template have been fixed.
  • The date format now uses 24hrs date format.