Server compatibility and JDK 

This version only supports the following framework, server and Databases.



Database servers 

New features 


Bizagi has developed a toolkit that provides monitoring options for Automation Server operations in a test or production environment. 

A system administrator can use Bizagi Diagnostics, to run health checks on the Automation Server components and the overall environment. The tool enables drilling down to identify specific components that might cause issues and customize the dashboards. 

Bizagi Diagnostics is based on four main components: ELK stack, with LogStash for log transformation and loading, ElasticSearch for storage and data operations and Grafana for data display.

New SOA method: CreateUser 

A new SOAP web method was created in EntityManagerSOA to create users, enabling you to send additional parameters such as Profile picture and password.

Download user profiles list in Excel format 

When managing User Profiles in the Admin option on the Work Portal, there is a new option to download the generated lists to an Excel file.


Use temporary attributes in document templates

Temporary attributes, also known as Scope attributes, are now enabled to be used document templates. Just drag and drop the advanced Process or Task Attributes option from the ribbon. You can now use temporary attributes in document templates!

Token synchronizer with actors 

To fix concurrency issues in clustered architectures, a new mechanism of token synchronization has been created so the Asynchronous Tasks can be executed successfully in all the nodes. 

This configuration (singleton actors) must be done in all the nodes in your architecture.

Asynchronous tasks with feedback using actors  

The amount of MDB threads provided by the Application Server to process Asynchronous Tasks with feedback may not be enough to meet the number of threads required per task, causing errors and task execution failing.  

Now, Bizagi uses Akka Actors to process current message sharing instead of JMS. The main advantage of using actors is that the controller message is not be blocked until the worker message ends, avoiding temporal queue that generates errors. Given that Akka messages are not persistent, JMS queue is still used to avoid loss of the message that starts the flow. 

You can also configure and tune up the usage of actors to have the required performance.

URL help attribute 

Bizagi Work Portal now shows a link to the URL configured in the Help URL attribute of Processes, Activities and Events. Users can now find this link to your documentation on their pending activities, it will open the documentation on a new tab.

Custom completion messages for events 

You can now configure a message to be displayed when a user completes (clicks Next) an Event. The feature was available in User Tasks and we are now introducing it to Events performed by users.

Other improvements

  • All dropdown lists will have their elements sorted alphabetically. 
  • When a user releases an activity, it will be assigned to them again if the user matches the defined assignation rules. 
  • Events can now be released and reassigned in the same way that tasks are released and reassigned. 
  • Security improvements.


  • Services were enforced to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • Errors related to user language configuration in the Work Portal have been fixed
  • The history in the timeline of a case show a Detail link in the first row, this link should not appear. This was fixed.
  • The list of assigned users in Plans did not work correctly.
  • Errors related with the log in of users were fixed.
  • Admin entity were not able to be sorted using the id column, this was fixed.
  • Errors related with localization were fixed
  • Errors related with action launcher were fixed
  • The boss list when using Alarms has been fixed to match the expected records according to the .Net version
  • Favorite Inbox now shows the closed cases.
  • Currency fields are now displayed in the details view.
  • Plan description now shows the associated plan name.
  • Problems related to object references when clicking Next have been fixed.
  • The button Work on it was not visible in pending cases. This was fixed.
  • Parent process did not appear when searching a case. This was fixed.
  • The operator NOT LIKE was not working when using filters with expression. This was fixed.
  • Sorting by null Boolean was not working correctly since null Boolean records are not displayed. This was fixed.
  • Stakeholders ids greater than 1000 showed a thousand separator. This has been fixed and now it doesn’t display separators.
  • Problems with the headers of the query results were fixed.
  • Internal server error displayed when a dimension was selected has been fixed.
  • Problems related with Real data type have been fixed.
  • The disable field was not visible inside add forms. This was fixed.
  • Themes created were not correctly displayed. This was fixed.
  • Problems related with the SAP library were fixed.
  • Work portal is now protected against upload or download of malicious content.