New Features

Role-based access control (RBAC) 

Each subscription and resource have associated roles with specific permissions. Users have access to resources based on their role’s permissions. Additionally, you can manage users by role.

Adding or removing users from a role is now easier for the administrator.

Role view and management 

Now company administrators can manage users by role. A new view lets administrators know which users are under a role and manage them.

In this view, you can search for role permission, and easily understand the scope of each role. 


Enhanced user management 

You can control users at different levels of your cloud-based services in a standardized interface. This capability lets you easily invite users to collaborate at different levels, depending on their role.  

Managing your resources is now simpler, due to the multiple’s roles such as owners, or contributors, that you can include in your cloud-based services’ resources. 

Easier user inclusion 

Now it is easier to add users to a subscription. The company owner or any subscription owner can add someone directly to the subscription without having to add them first to the company. 

Okta support 

To use the Customer Portal or any Bizagi cloud-based service such as Management Console, Modeler or Studio services, users must authenticate through Bizagi’s Private Identity Provider. 

We now support Okta as an integration option for your services’ user authentication.