The following list considers improvements or fixes that enhance existing features and procedures.

Customer Portal for Enterprise customers

Enterprise Modeler administrators now have a new portal, called Customer Portal, specially designed as the place where subscription managers can administer the users of all the Bizagi cloud products in a centralized manner. The Customer Portal enables the organization of different hierarchy levels. It introduces the ability to manage all users, access rights and job groups in a centralized website for all your platforms. 

The Customer Portal replaces the User Management option in the Modeler’s web application. From this release on, all the user management of our cloud services are centralized in the Customer Portal.

Identity provider change

If you are using SSO Azure or ADFS, with the upgrade to version 3.7 your IT team needs to perform adjustments in your Identity Provider:

  • Azure AD
    Change the URI, visit: Azure Ad configuration, step 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6
    Current URL:
    Change URL to:
  • ADFS
    Change the WS-Federation protocol, visit: ADFS configuration, step 1.6
    Current URL
    Change URL to: