In version 11.2.4 Automation Service customers have a new web-based management console, that replaces the traditional console accessed via virtual machines.

Management console web main view

Bizagi Management console web features the following options:

  • SMS Configuration: Set your SMS provider for multi-factor authentication using the Management console Web.
  • WS-Security: Enable WS-Security for the Bizagi SOAP API, applicable to environments of Automation Service.
  • Cancel notification configuration: Configure whether the canceled case notifications are sent to all users allocated to the case events.
  • User permission report: Configure the permission to download the User permission report from the Security module of the Management Web Console.
  • Improvements for LDAP Configuration: LDAP module now features the Test button to test the connection.
  • Package Visualizer: Now you can review and analyze the new packages to make sure that the package to deploy is correct. This option is available for the current uploaded package or for the packages in the deployment history.
  • Deployment history and download Packages: Now you can download any successfully applied package from the deployment history.
  • Deployment package review: The reasons why a maintenance window must be activated now are displayed in the Management Console Web for deployments and micro deployments.
  • Sync Data: Now, the entities that don’t belong to the target environment in data synchronization are not selected.
  • Tracing module has been improved to show a better user interface
  • Excel Connector: Bizagi Management Console Web lets you manage the information of the Excel connectors of your processes for testing or production environment.
  • RPA Bots: The RPA Bots module manages the configurations for general Bots provided by Bizagi and with different RPA vendors.
  • When you load the first .bex file in your environment, the Maintenance Windows is enabled automatically.
  • Allows multiple user authentication using one of the following Identity providers: ADFS with WS-Federation, Azure AD with WS-Federation, and Okta with OpenID.
  • RPA UiPath Dashboard: Our new RPA Dashboard for the Management Console Web provides charts that monitor the execution of your jobs and queue items. Get information about your Orchestrator operation and how it is improving. Know whether your RPA jobs were successful or not. You can now monitor your UiPath processes and get a sense of the quality of your robots.
UiPath dashboard in Management console web

For further information refer to our user guide.